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If you are looking at buying a laptop DO NOT go Cheap!

Instead go with a solid machine packing these minimum features...


We Recommend these minimum features:


   • No less than 15.4” widescreen display.

   • Quality built-in speakers.

   • Good quantity of slots and ports including a min. 3-in-1 card reader.

   • Dual Core Processor (min. 2.0 GHz)

   • 2-3 GB RAM with min. 250 GB harddrive

   • Dedicated graphics card, (not shared)


Our Top Pick:


Samsung P560-54G 15.4-Inch Laptop:

   • 2.0 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

   • T5800 Centrino 2

   • 3 GB RAM

   • 320 GB Hard Drive

   • Vista Business

   • Dual layer w/Lightscribe
   • Wireless N

   • Built-in Web-Cam

   • Bluetooth

   • fingerprint authentication


$1150.00 (MSRP) Buy it at Amazon for: $1066.99 (SAVE $83.00)


Customer Review...


Very Impressed! Samsung P560-54G Laptop...

I got this laptop computer a few days ago, I'm totaly impressed. Has a Vista rateing of 4.9, gameing rateing of 5.8. VERY FAST! After I took all the trial software M/S office, etc. and loaded Open Office and the new Norton 2009 suite it's even faster. After chargeing the batt. it ran for over 3 1/2 hours with some power left. Amazon had it at my house 2 days after I ordered, free shipping (John - Alaska)